Just for fun: trefoil knot complement cake

Based on a joint work with Rob Clancy, presented at the Oxford Mathematical Cake Seminar. You might think that this is just a regular cake.

But it’s not! The icing is in the shape of a trefoil knot, so that the cake itself has the shape of a trefoil knot complement (in S^3). Here, take a look at the layers before they were put on top of each other:

Random facts about the cake:

-its fundamental groups is the braid group on 3 strands and has presentations \langle x,y | xyx=yxy\rangle=\langle x,y | x^2=y^3\rangle,
-it contains approximately 500 grams of butter, 500 grams of sugar and 7 eggs,
-it admits finite volume metrics with universal covers \mathbb{H}^2\times \mathbb{R} and \widetilde{SL_2(\mathbb{R})},
-the icing was very buttery,
-it has a Seifert fibration with base orbifold a once-punctured sphere with two cone-points,
-it took an afternoon minus a (spectacular!) rugby match to bake it.


Designer: Rob
Manager: Rob
Cook: Rob
Sculptor: Rob
Icing artist: Rob
Dish washing: Alex

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  1. yagoi says:

    The tasteir post so far 🙂

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